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Popular TV series Salem season 3 is back. Now you will see the town where normal life of habitants went to hell. Mary Sibley sacrificed her life in order to save her beloved, John Alden. With her absence Salem became different. It seems the whole town needs her. Mrs. Sibley gave a birth to the baby that is a real devil, trying to change this place into something different and free from the Puritan Hypocrisy of the world. Nobody is contented with the present situation – even witches want Mary...
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Finally, we will be able to download new series of Salem season 2 in April 2015! This mysterious story took place in the 17 century on the North of America in a small city named Salem. This century was called the century of witches and magic. Unknown diseases hit this city of Witches and took hundreds of lives. Everybody believed that the city was cursed. Starting from 1962, strange things occurred, panic and fear enveloped citizens. Habitants were afraid to go outside, streets were filled with hunters on the witches....

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