The Last Ship season 4
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The Last Ship season 4

Original Title: The Last Ship

Country: USA

Release Date: August 20, 2017

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Creator(s): Steven Kane, Hank Steinberg, Jill Blankenship, Hiram Martinez, Michael Sussman

Cast: Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling, Christina Elmore, Bren Foster, Amen Igbinosun, Cameron Fuller, Emerson Brooks, Grace Kaufman, Aidan Sussman, Wiley M. Pickett, Christos Vasilopoulos, Anthony Azizi, Ben Turner Dixon. George Georgiou, Gloria Laino

Quality: HDTV / HDTV 720p

Format: avi / mkv

Runtime: 60 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 350 Mb / ~ 1 Gb

Are you ready for the continuation of the action drama series The Last Ship season 4? The plot is still concentrated on the USS destroyer Nathan James. The place is the post-apocalyptic world. Tom Chandler feels tired at the beginning of the new season and this comes with no surprise as saving and helping people is not an easy task. He needs to relax and it seems that he can do this, but this cannot last long as the world is waiting for him. A new dangerous virus appears and it is a real danger for the whole planet. The world needs a vaccine to survive. How will it all end? Let’s find the answer in the series The Last Ship season 4.

The Last Ship tv series download episodes of season 4:

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