Speechless season 1

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Speechless season 1 is a comical show about a large family, the centre of attention in which is concentrated on a dumb teenager with a disability named JJ. Guy’s disease creates attention of the whole family, especially of Maya. Every mother loves her children, not paying attention to who they are, but it is because of the disease of her son she protects him a lot. But he is quite independent, and he always has the ability to explain what he wants. In the foreground the family has the problem with the school, which he must attend. They are ready to cross the whole States of America to find the place, where he will be comfortable to learn. Such maternal care occasionally delivers not small troubles, not only the family but also to other people. But the centre of the family’s attention can sometimes create inconveniences. Here’s a fun life of the Dimeos, which will appear fir the fans of the ABC channel.

Original Title: Speechless
Country: USA
Release Date: September 21, 2016
Genres: Comedy
Creator(s): Scott Silveri
Cast: Minnie Driver, Lukita Maxwell, John Ross Bowie, Cedric Yarbrough, Mason Cook, Kyla Kenedy, Micah Fowler, Paul Bates, Cassie Brennan
Quality: HDTV
Format: avi
Runtime: 22 min
Language: English
Size: ~ 250 Mb

Speechless tv series download episodes of season 1:

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