Poldark season 1
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Poldark season 1

Your attention is a family drama Poldark season 1, which takes place in England 1700 years. The protagonist of the series, Ross Poldark returns home after the American Revolution. All he remembered was gone, his father died, his future wife entered into a relationship with his cousin. This TV show is about the framework and the boundaries between the rich and the poor at the time. With the return of the hero in the country are coming hard times, the work is very bad, the industry is stopped, and the prices will only grow up. Ross is trying to arrange his life, to return his beloved woman, or at least try to live without it. Fate has prepared him a difficult path, overcoming that he has earned a place in this world is not simple…

Original Title: Poldark
Country: UK
Release Date: March 8, 2015
Genres: Drama
Creator: Debbie Horsfield
Cast: Eleanor Tomlinson, Aidan Turner, Heida Reed, Kyle Soller, Crystal Leaity, Gracee O’Brien, Jack Farthing
Quality: HDTV
Format: AVI
Runtime: 60 min
Language: English
Size: ~ 450 Mb

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