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Order TV series

Order TV series:

Good day dear customers and visitors FavoriteTV. Each of you will sooner or later meets with the same problem: “Where can I download TV series, which ended long ago?”, which is not on the top sites in the Internet. On this page you can specify in the comments show that you cannot find or download. The website team will try to do everything possible to fulfill your request.
To Order TV series, us need information, for example:
  • Desperate Housewives
  • season 1
  • 2004
  • Channel ABC


  1. Martyn 5 days ago

    Download these 3 seasons to make a full set
    Longmire Seasons 1/2/3 now we have the full set, everyone can keep the collection with seasons 4/5/6
    Brilliant series the thinking persons modern western, well acted, great sound track and fantastic locations.
    What a shame they have decided to finish it…..but there was talk about a movie?
    If you have not watched this series I urge you to just try the first season…..you will be hooked.
    5 Stars.

  2. Martyn 6 days ago

    Hi Sergey & Team, Re- “Longmire” seasons 1/2/3,
    You’re a real “Star” that is great, now every one can enjoy this great series from the beginning, with 4/5/6 already on site.
    Thank You all very much for doing this.
    Regards Martyn

  3. Martyn 11-28-17

    Hi Team,
    Is it possible to get “Longmire” seasons 1+2+3 to make the full set, I know that they were some time in the past, but it would be great to see them all.
    Kind Regards Martyn

  4. Martyn Hartshorn 10-17-17

    Hi Guys, a great site and service, I have been with you 2 years now and completely satisfied, (thanks Sergey)
    My request is for any information regarding the release of
    1. Longmire season 6
    2. The Americans season 6
    If have any inside knowledge of possible release dates please post it up.
    Kind Regards Martyn .UK

    • admin 10-17-17

      Hello Martyn!!!
      1. Longmire – sixth and final season will be on November 17, 2017
      2. The Americans – sixth and final season is slated to air in 2018.

  5. admin 02-22-17

    Of course! When be aired it, we’ll try add on our site…

  6. Kassandra 02-22-17

    Would it be possible to add the new season (4th season, 2017) of “Dragons: Race to the Edge” from Netflix?
    Thank you

  7. admin 10-30-16
  8. admin 10-27-16

    Please wait. Law and Order: UK coming soon will be on FavoriteTV.

  9. Kaya 10-26-16

    I would like to order Law and Order: UK the complete series. Thank You in Advance.

  10. michael curry 10-14-16

    long shot but can you get WEREWOLF the Complete series 1987 fox
    I have bought homemade copies of this series 4 times and EVERYTIME the set looks link JUNK

  11. admin 10-04-16

    Nikita season 3-4 – done.

  12. admin 09-23-16

    Ok. When I do it, I’ll tell you.

  13. Kaya 09-22-16

    Hey. Thanks for uploading Spooks. I would like to request NIKITA from Seaon 3 (2012) to Seaon 4 (2013).

  14. admin 09-20-16

    Spooks season 1 – 10 – Added.

  15. admin 09-19-16

    Ok. I do it. You need wait some days. I’ll tell you.

  16. Kaya 09-19-16

    I woulkd like to request Spooks (from series 3 (2006) to series 10 (2012))

  17. admin 08-21-16


  18. kk 08-16-16

    Please could you upload seasons 10, 11 and 12 of Murder She Wrote ….. from the CBS channel.

    Thank you.

  19. admin 01-08-16

    grey’s anatomy season 1 – added

  20. avinal0104 01-05-16

    Hi, Thanks for uploading the series.

    I have another request, could you pl upload grey’s anatomy all series and Twin Peaks all the series.

    Thanks and Rgds,


  21. avinal0104 12-29-15


    thanks for wonderful site, would request you to have Homeland series 3 and 4 available on your site. due to inactivity most of the episodes of homeland series 3 and 4 are not available to download.

    Thanks and Rgds,


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