Famous in Love season 1

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The first season of the new drama series Famous in love season 1 is presented to your attention. The main character of the series is a usual student whose life was not very different from other people, but one day everything changed. Paige one day gets a role in a real Hollywood blockbuster. There are very many famous stars in this movie. She is sure that this role will change her life a lot and it actually does. Now the main character sees the life of famous people from the inside out. She realizes that there are advantages and disadvantages of it. Paige meets Rainer Devon and Jordan Wilder and she feels something to both of them. This is real Hollywood and you cannot miss it!

Original Title: Famous in love
Country: USA
Release Date: April 18, 2017
Genres: Drama
Creator(s): I. Marlene King, Rebecca Serle
Cast: Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins, Keith Powers, Charlie DePew, Niki Koss, Georgie Flores, Perrey Reeves, Pepi Sonuga, Mark Valley, Katelyn Tarver
Quality: HDTV / HDTV 720p
Format: avi / mkv
Runtime: 45 min
Language: English
Size: ~ 350 Mb / ~ 1 Gb

Famous in love tv series download episodes of season 1:

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