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Doctor Who season 10 is one of the famous sci-fi TV series. Doctor Who, the newcomer from outside, has come through time and space to our planet Earth. In appearance he looks like a common person from Earth. This Doctor is smart, curious and fearless. Secular concerns and our problems do not bother him in any way. However, if people of Earth are under threat from outside, Doctor is always ready to the fight with the space pirates. In this fight, he is not alone. Besides him there is a...
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The TV series Doctor Who season 9 continues the story of the amazing travel in time and space of the doctor and his companions. The main hero makes the amazing flights on his spaceship meeting a lot of enemies and aliens. With the help of his knowledge in science he always finds the way out of all situations. In the new season, the unexpected meeting with a lady waits for him and he didn’t expect to meet her at all. But, also a lot of amazing adventures wait for the...

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